AspxFormsGen MVC 5 VS. Iron Speed Designer

Technologies Used: C#, VB.NET, Stored Procedures

We've been getting calls questioning us if the patent trolls will bring us down like Iron Speed.

Answer: No.

The reason is simple. Our code generators actually generated code, either in C# or VB.NET (and Stored Procedures too). The generated code needs to be compiled and ran in Visual Studio. The products we sell are for coders, programmers, software engineers, etc, who knows how to code.

We don't teach coding, but if you're a coder, you will right away notice the code that was generated. It's industry standard coding, in an n-tier structure. You can add to the code, edit them, etc.

The products we sell does not create pretty UIs (User Interfaces) like Iron Speed Designer, instead it generates a usable UI, which the coder/web designer can change. Our products are very easy to use. If you've used Microsoft SQL Server, and know your Username, password, and the database you want to generate code for, all it takes is One Click. Every single time you changed/updated that same database, all you have to click is One button, and it will regenerate code based on the changes you did on your database, e.g. added a new table (or view), added a new field to a table, removed a field on a table, etc.

We have 2 main products:

AspxFormsGen 4.5 -> generates web forms.

AspxFormsGen MVC 5 -> generates mvc 5 web objects.

As always, the code and the article are provided "As Is", there is absolutely no warranties. Use at your own risk.

Happy Coding!!!

Date Created: Tuesday, October 27, 2015