Promotional Videos
AspCoreGen 1.0 - Software Engineer/Pirate

Joe is a Software Engineer but he likes to dress up as a Pirate. Jill is a Senior Software Engineer. Both Jill and Joe were tasked with two data-driven web projects, one for each. Both projects are due in 6 months. Joe got done with his project in 2 months and has been playing pirate games for the last 4 months. Jill is late. Joe is not telling he used AspCoreGen 1.0 Professional Plus to speed up development.*

AspCoreGen 1.0 - Fast Typist

She's a Senior ASP.NET Web Developer. She can type a million lines of code in 3 months, give or take a few. But a somewhat error free code may take more than 6 months, and that's just typing code for UI (MVC Views). Now that's done, it's time to work on the Controllers, Models, View Models, Business and Data Tiers, Linq-to-Entities, Store Procedures, and more to connect that UI to the database. Oh, and maybe later on down the line she'll add a Web API service to the bunch. AspCoreGen 1.0 can do it all in about a minute.*

AspCoreGen 1.0 - Smart Programmer

John is a very smart Programmer. He clicked the "magic button" that says "Generate Code", now he's just waiting for the code to generate, about a million lines of code by the time this video is over.

*All stories above, both in video and writting are fiction and specifically made for these promotional videos only. However, the code generation if for real!