Generate WinForms, Middle-Tier, Data-Tier, and Stored Procedures (or Ad Hoc/Dynamic SQL) in One Click*. WinFormsGen generates databound WinForms Objects. WinFormsGen is a combination of our WinFormsGen engine (generates Windows Forms) and AspxCodeGen 4.5 engine which generates Middle-Tier, Data-Tier, and Stored procedures or Ad-Hoc/Dynamic SQL scripts.

Generate Windows Forms, business & data tier in C# or VB.NET, stored procedures and more in One Click!

Generated WinForms are bound by strongly-typed middle tier objects that encapsulates data-tier functionalities. Objects generated by AspxCodeGen 4.5 engine are called by the generated WinForms, and can be used as stand-alone API.

Product Editions



Absolutely Free
  • Generates 1 WinForm1b
  • WinForms are bound (connected) to MS SQL Server
  • Stored Procs or Ad-Hoc SQL

1a. Generates a maximum of 10 windows forms (winform) per database table. Some windows forms are only generated for tables with foreign keys. 1 windows form is generated per database view.

1b. Generates a maximum of 1 windows form (winform) per database table/view.