Professional Plus vs Express Edition

The Professional Plus Edition generates 17 different bound (connected to the database) Razor Pages per table, and is for sale. While the Express Edition generates 1 Razor Page (per table), the Unbound Razor Page (not connected to the database), and it is absolutely free. The different Razor Pages generated by AspCoreGen 2.0 Razor can be seen here: Generated Presentation Layer.



Absolutely Free
  • Generates 1 Razor Page1b
  • Generated ASP.NET Core 2.1 Web Application is compatible with Visual Studio 2017
  • JQuery Integration
  • Razor Views are bound to MS SQL Server
  • Generates Web API code
  • Generates Middle-Tier and (Empty) Data-Tier code
  • Generates Entity Framework
  • Generates Stored Procs, Linq-to-Entities Queries (EF Core), or Ad-Hoc SQL
  • Generates Code Bound/Connected to the Database
  • List with Add, Edit Redirect & Delete Razor Page
  • Add New Record Razor Page
  • Update Record Razor Page
  • Record Details Razor Page
  • List Read-Only Razor Page
  • List with Add, Edit, & Delete (Same Page) Razor Page
  • List with Grouping Razor Page
  • List with Totals Razor Page
  • List with Totals and Grouping Razor Page
  • List with Search Razor Page
  • List with Scroll-Loading Data Razor Page
  • List with Inline Add and Edit Razor Page
  • List with Manual For Each Loop Razor Page
  • List with Master Detail (Grid) Razor Page
  • List with Master Detail (Sub Grid) Razor Page
  • Unbound Razor Page
  • Razor Pages and Page Models
  • Miscellaneous Files
  • List of All Generated Razor Pages, Page Models, Models, Business and Data Objects, etc.

1a. Generates a maximum of 16 razor pages per database table. Some razor pages are only generated for tables with foreign keys. 1 razor page is generated per database view.

1b. Generates a maximum of 1 razor page per database table/view.