Professional Plus vs Express Edition

The Professional Plus Edition generates 18 different MVC bound (connected to the database) views per table, and is for sale. While the Express Edition generates 1 MVC view (per table), the Unbound View (not connected to the database), and it is absolutely free. The different MVC views generated by AspCoreGen 6.0 MVC can be seen here: Generated Presentation Layer.



Absolutely Free
  • Generates 1 MVC View1b
  • Generated ASP.NET Core 6.0 Web Application is compatible with Visual Studio 2022
  • JQuery Integration
  • MVC Views are bound to MS SQL Server
  • Generates Web API code
  • Generates Middle-Tier and (Empty) Data-Tier code
  • Generates Interfaces for Business Layer
  • Generates Interfaces for Data Repository
  • Generates Entity Framework
  • Generates Stored Procs, Linq-to-Entities Queries (EF Core), or Ad-Hoc SQL
  • Generates Code Bound/Connected to the Database
  • List with Add, Edit Redirect & Delete MVC View
  • Add New Record MVC View
  • Update Record MVC View
  • Record Details MVC View
  • List Read-Only MVC View
  • List with Add, Edit, & Delete (Same Page) MVC View
  • List with Grouping MVC View
  • List with Totals MVC View
  • List with Totals and Grouping MVC View
  • List with Search MVC View
  • List with Scroll-Loading Data MVC View
  • List with Inline Add and Edit MVC View
  • List with Manual For Each Loop MVC View
  • List with Master Detail (Grid) MVC View
  • List with Master Detail (Sub Grid) MVC View
  • List with Multiple Delete MVC View
  • List by Foreign Key MVC View
  • Unbound MVC View
  • Models, Controllers, View Models
  • Miscellaneous Files
  • List of All Generated Views, Models, View Models, Business and Data Objects, etc.

1a. Generates a maximum of 18 mvc view types per database table. Some mvc views are only generated for tables with foreign keys. 1 mvc view is generated per database view.

1b. Generates a maximum of 1 mvc view type per database table/view.