Relationships between related/associated tables must be explicitly established in the information schema of your database.
Express Edition is free. Professional Plus Edition is for sale. Please see the product matrix.
Code is only generated for database tables with a Primary Key.
Some Web Forms such as the "List with Grouping" are only generated for tables that have explicit Foreign Key(s). Some web forms are only generated for tables that have Foreign Keys.
Some Stored Procedures (or Ad-hoc SQL) such as the "Select All By a Foreign Key", "Select, Skip, and Take By a Foreign Key", "Get Record Count by Foreign Key", and "Select Drop Down List Data" are only generated for tables that have explicit Foreign Key(s).
GridViews with search functionaliy only support non-binary fields. E.g. Text Boxes/DropDownList controls used for searching are not generated for Geography, Geometry, XML, ntext, etc. fields.
Per Table. Some web forms, code, or SQL scripts are not generated because the Table does not call for it. The Express Edition does not generate SQL Scripts, Dynamic SQL, and no code is generated for each method/function on the Data Layer Base Class.
One Click: When you use the same settings, e.g. same database, same credentials, same directory, same web site, etc., all you have to do is click the "Generate Code..." button, the next time you generate code for the same database. AspxFormsGen remembers your last settings, after you close the application. This simplifies code generation since most developers work on the same database on a project-by-project basis. This feature is often used when new tables are added to the database, or when columns are modified or added to an existing table. Most of the time, developers need to re-generate code after an addition or modification to the database.