Product Screenshots

Splash Screen

Shown while loading the app

Database Settings

Database Connection String

Code Settings

Generated Code Settings

UI Settings

Windows Form Settings

App Settings

Application Settings

Pop Up Help

Mouse-over for Help

Database Settings

Sample Connection Settings

Generating Code

App Starts Generating Code


Done Generating Code

Selected Tables

Generate for Selected Tables

Selected Views

Generate for Selected Views

WinForm App

Generated WinForms App

WinForms for Views

WinForms for Views

Stored Procs

Generated in MS SQL Server

Stored Proc Code

Sample Stored Proc Code

Design Sample

WinForm Design in VS

Designer Sample

WinForm Designer in VS

Code Sample

WinForm Code Sample in VS

Add New Record

Add New Windows Form

List with Search

Windows Form with Search


List with Master-Detail

Update Record

Update Record WinForm

Delete Item

Delete Confirmation

Main WinForm

Generated WinForms List

Inline CRUD

List with Inline CRUD

List With CRUD

CRUD Functionality in WinForm

Parent-Child List

List Filtered by ComboBox